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Fabian Peña (Cuba, 1976) studied at the Higher Institute of Arts (Havana, 2003). His work has been shown throughout the US, Europe and Latin America. He is a recipient of the Grants & Commissions Program (Cisneros-Fontanals Art Foundation, 2016); the Reed Foundation Fellowship Award (Vermont, US, 2006); and the Batiscafo Residency (Gasworks/Triangle Arts Trust, 2003), among others. His work has been reviewed in publications such as The New York Times, ARTnews, Art Nexus, and The Art Newspaper.


Through varied mediums that go from installation, to sculpture, to drawing, I seek to give a second life and meaning to organic and discarded materials such as old, used books, cockroach wings and crushed houseflies. They allow me to explore personal and collective memory, identity and displacement; life and death; the grotesque and the sublime.

Fabian Pena
Title: Frozen Capital
Medium: compressed paper (pages of Capital by Karl Marx, Volume I), crushed flies, glass shards, wood, and pedestal
Year: 2017
Dimensions: variable
Price: US$ 6,000.00
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