Dec 1-5, 2021
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Julio Pacheco Rivas


He is a renowned Venezuelan artist. Born in Caracas in 1953, obtained from an early age a high recognition that assured him a first level position in the Venezuelan plastic arts of the 20th century and that has been consolidated with notoriety in this first decade of this century. In 1976, when he was just 23 years old, he was awarded the Arturo Michelena Prize, being the youngest artist to receive it.


The plastic work of Pacheco Rivas proposes from the painting a geometrical vision of the landscape: the reason of the Renaissance or cybernetic perspective constitutes an instrument that allows both the ordering of a hybrid thought and the fixing of a utopian or possible landscape. His inventions recall the baroque perspective games of a Wentzel Jamnitzer for whom the world was reduced to the perfection of regular bodies.

Julio Pacheco Rivas
Title: A travez del volumen II
Medium: lamina de acrilico perforada
Year: 2013
Dimensions: 73 x 58 x 3 cm - 28 x 22 x 1 in
Price: US$ 3,000.00
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Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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