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Julio Le Parc is an Argentinian artist best known for his pioneering works of Kinetic Art. Depicting labyrinthine spaces using optical illusions and mirrored surfaces, many of his paintings predate the Op Art movement.
Born on September 23, 1928 in Mendoza, Argentina, he attended the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires before moving to Paris in 1958. Le Parc along with Yvaral reacted to the expressive approach of Tachisme and CoBra artists by creating a controlled sensorial experience for the viewer. In 1966, Le Parc received the Grand Prize in Painting at the 33rd Venice Biennale. In 2016, Le Parc was the subject of his first solo museum exhibition in North America, “Form in Action,” which opened at the Pérez Art Museum Miami and included over 100 works. The artist currently lives and works in Cachan, France. Today, his works are in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Tate Gallery in London, among others.

Julio Le Parc
Title: Modulation 6/6
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 1983
Dimensions: 40 x 80 cm
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Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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