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Flor Garduño


Mexico, 1957. She studied Visual Arts at the Old Academy of San Carlos. Her teacher Kati Horna had a strong impact on the development of Flor's work through the magical and expressive dimension of her photography. She perfected her photographic skills through different focuses: by delving into printing processes like palladium platinum, by printing her photographic portfolios in silver gelatin, and by working as an assistant in Manuel Álvarez Bravo's camera obscura.


She has always developed her own style and sought the truth of the Mexican countryside, venturing into still life, female nude, portraiture, and architecture, in search for the subtle boundaries of the imaginary; a portrait of the roots of magical cultures. The bridge between the present and the past lies in the eyes of those that have witnessed them-- water, trees, earth, and air. By incorporating these elements in her photography, Flor evokes the presence of indigenous America’s horizons.

Flor Garduño
Medium: Gelatina de plata
Capture year: 1993
Dimensions: 46 x 54 cm
Price: US$ 6,500.00
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Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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