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Andrés Denegri (Buenos Aires, 1975) is a visual artist working mainly on film, video, installations and photography. He graduated at the Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires. Among his awards stands out the Grand Prix from the National Salon Visual Arts (Buenos Aires, 2015). He is also co-director of the Imagen en Movimiento Biennale (BIM) and guest film and video curator for the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art. He has completed artist residences in Colombia, Serbia, Canada and the USA.


Andrés Denegri approaches the visual arts combining film, video, installations and photography. His projects generate dialogues between different formats, addressing them poetically and conceptually, creating tension in the classic uses of audiovisual technologies. Vintage film projectors are the protagonists of many of Denegri’s installations: from portable family devices to powerful industrial machines are combined in the production of kinetic objects where celluloid leaves the projector and travels through the space transited by the viewer.

Andrés Denegri
Title: Grito (instalación)
Serie: Grito (Scream)
Medium: Instalación.Proyector de cine de 35mm, andamios, estructuras tubulares de hierro, sistema de loop. (Installation. 35mm film projector, scaffolding, iron tubular structures, loop system.)
Year: 2012
Dimensions: 275 x 400 x 1226 cm - 108,2 x 157,4 x 482,6 in
Price: US$ 40,000.00

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Versión instalación -con película cinematográfica de 35mm- del video Grito (2008, 20´). Un retrato de la niñez durante la última dictadura militar en Argentina.
Installation version -with 35mm cinematographic film- of the video Grito (2008, 20 ́). A portrait of childhood during the last military dictatorship in Argentina.

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Grito (instalación)