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MARU ULIVI Photographer and interior designer. He gets involved in each topic, getting closer to the subjects portrayed, whom he treats with respect, managing to gain their trust and establish an open and fluid communication that gives his work depth, warmth and intimacy, as evidenced in "Cages" , an investigation carried out over two years that led her to photograph and interview more than 200 women of different nationalities, who shared with Ulivi their testimonies, collected in a photobook and presented in a solo exhibition.
She has received awards such as that of the European Union for her photographs of people with disabilities, showing the beauty that arises from their struggles. She has participated in art and feminism projects and events in Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Colombia, the United States, sharing the scene with different specialists.


CALLAR DUELE MAS, is a comprehensive and innovative proposal that from art aims to articulate actions in favor of women. It is the product of several years of research and seeks to make visible some of the most sensitive issues related to women in Latin America.
A video clip, a photobook, an artistic exhibition, content on social networks, social actions and free conferences are some of the activities that make up this project led by María Eugenia Ulivi Bello.
As in photography, I focus and capture the essentials of life. Women are the thematic axis of my artistic and professional work. Their lives and testimonies inspire me, that is why my commitment to them is to continue promoting transformations and connecting sensitivities.

Maru Ulivi
Title: #03
Serie: Callar duele más
Medium: Diptic Digital Acrylic print decorative plexi
Date of print: 2020
Capture year: 2019
Dimensions: 36 x 120 cm - 14.1 x 47.2 in
Edition: 1/10
Price: US$ 2,400.00
Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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