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Julio Larraz was born in Havana, Cuba, en 1944. The son of a newspaper editor, he began drawing at a very early age. In 1961 his whole family moved to United States. In 1967 Larraz began to work as professional painter. Larraz credits several New York artists such as Burt Silverman, for teaching him different painting techniques. He has exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries of the art scene, such as Nora Haime, Marlborough Gallery and Galleria D’Arte Contini.


Imaginative-yet-realistic snapshots of Caribbean life are frequent subjects in the work of the painter Julio Larraz. Though these tropical settings are common subjects in Latin American art, Larraz's interpretations are characterized by a unique precise and detailed technique. Containing many biographical clues, his paintings are an allegory out of his life, showing the progression from his childhood in Cuba through a move to the U.S.

Julio Larraz
Title: Naturaleza Muerta
Medium: Óleo sobre tela / Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 158 x 210 cm
Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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