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Milton Becerra


(Táchira State, Venezuela, August 10, 1951) He is one of the most notable and internationally recognized Venezuelan artists. For three decades he has developed a new perspective on his art Hexagonometries, based on his research and perception of mystical geometry integrated into the elaboration of his works. His notorious Site-specific art (installations), Land Art (interventions in the landscape) Eco-Art, are works that so far distinguish the work of this artist anywhere in the world.


Materials such as fragments of pre-Hispanic figures, semi-precious stones, quartz, have provided endless creative possibilities, in an always new work through a particular language that belongs to him as a creation, and whose ultimate meaning is revealed in the statement: " The form exists because there is spirit ”. His works open a kind of multidimensional geometric passage, which when settling in a specific place tells us about the architecture of the world.

Milton Becerra
Title: Ale'Ya
Year: 2009
Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm
Price: US$ 7,500.00

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