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Mariana Copello


Mariana Copello is a Houston-based artist who was born and raised in Venezuela. He has lived in different countries, which has enriched his artistic perception. Copello moved to Houston in 2011, when she began her formal training as a sculptor. Since then she has been very active in the national and international art scene participating in a variety of exhibitions and art fairs in the United States and abroad.


I locate my art into a neo-minimalist field. I look for the aesthetic of beauty and the harmonic consolidation of the rectilinear form. I seek to carry the artwork to its minimum and pure expression, to maintain the consonance and to achieve a great visual effect. In my sculptures and installations I have been developing a simple geometry, with a highly industrialized finish in a constant search of interplay with the space to create physical and virtual volumes that are able to awake our senses.

Mariana Copello
Title: Movimiento Lineal No. 2
Medium: Painted aluminum
Year: 2020
Dimensions: H. 68” - W. 20”
Price: US$ 6,000.00

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