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Manuel Álvarez


Manuel Alvarez (1923-2013) A master of Argentine concretism, founder of the Arte Nueva group in 1955. He participated in 1956 at the Venice Biennale and in 1958 at the São Paulo and Mexico Biennials. In 1952 he converted to being an abstract painter. During that period he broke away from the patterns of his figurative phase and began to work within the form of the Golden Section, in which the relation of the forms organize the movement and the reading of the canvas.

Manuel Álvarez
Title: Untitled
Medium: Oil on Wood
Year: 1959
Dimensions: 72 x 20 cm. - 28,3 x 7,8 in.
Price: US$ 22,000.00
Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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