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João José Costa


João José Costa (1931-2014) In 1954 he was part of the ‘’ Front Group ’’, Rio de Janeiro. His work was in both editions of the "1st National Exhibition of Concrete Art", in MAM-SP and MAM-RJ. He participated in the 3rd / 6th and 9th Biennials of São Paulo. His work was included in group exhibitions of Brazilian art: Contemporary Brazilian Painting in Montevideo; Modern art in Brazil in Buenos Aires; and The Brazilian Constructive Art Project in São Paulo.Considered the most rigorous concretista.

João José Costa
Title: Untitled
Medium: Gouache on cardboard
Year: 1953
Dimensions: 35 x 26 cm - 13,7 x 10,2 in.
Price: US$ 15,000.00

Additional information

Participated in the exhibition "Do concretismo ao pop - Anos 50, 60 e 70", Galeria Berenice Arvani, May 6th to June 8th, 2012.

Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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