Collection Visit II: Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection



Collection Visit II: Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection

Enjoy a private guided tour of the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection

Exhibition reception of Iridescent Geometries by Ernesto Briel

FRIDAY December 4, 2pm - 3pm EST
 Limit of 20 people per tour
Address provided upon RSVP / tra.atnip@pvsr

The Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection, JCMAC, initiates a new cycle in its exhibition program at its Miami Design District center. With the title Iridescent Geometries, giving continuity to the exhibition project that began six years ago. Since then, its objective has been to promote the study of modern and contemporary art at an international level, emphasizing abstract-geometric practices. On this occasion, and after having exhibited part of his collection, he focuses his attention on the work of Ernesto Briel, a Cuban optical artist whose production is practically unknown, even among specialists in Latin American art.


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